Challenges with PMS Vendors: An Open Conversation

Many of our customers know that we have held agreements with practice management system companies for over a decade. We continue to have good-faith discussions to enter into renewals and more such agreements with some practice management system companies. As our customers, we want you to know that it is sometimes an uphill climb to get these companies who believe they own all the data (and not dentists and patients) that there can be other companies that offer best-in-class services and are highly liked by the customers.  We understand your frustrations with some PMS providers, and want you to know that we too are frustrated – so we are sharing with you the main issues we’re working on with PMS providers to help you understand why it’s taking longer to resolve.
1. We believe you (and your patients), our customers, own the data.  We also believe that secure world-class applications from companies that have been in business for over a dozen years and won multiple awards (such as should not be facing unnecessary walls where some data is available and some are not.  We believe all data should be available to our customers and applications (such as reputation management, patient communications, payments or insurance claims filing, and others).  We understand if there are costs in making that data available, and we are okay with passing through those costs to the customers.
2. Industry Benchmarking.  We can't have a "Mother May I" situation every time we are providing our customers (you) with benchmarking such as fee surveys or artificial intelligence-based customer health risk scores or next major procedure required or diagnosis from x-rays, and more.  Some of the PMS providers want to approve any benchmarking data we provide or what we do with that aggregated data.  This data helps the industry as a whole, so Sikka will not agree to this pre-approval.
3. Customer Confidentiality.  Some of the PMS providers want to limit Marketplace customer access to our API platform and want to selectively allow and disallow applications.  They in addition want us to provide them lists of customers and partners to approve or disapprove in advance.  We believe in open and fair marketplaces to foster competition and best-in-class prices and value to our customers.  Just like our customers, we suffocate in restrictive and unfair practices.  Our customers have been granted access to our platform and Sikka will not allow limitations on what we agreed to with our customers. 
4. Interruption of Customer Business.  Some of the PMS providers do not want to provide our customers with a reasonable transition period if the PMS provider terminates our license and cuts off access to our customers.  This would interrupt our customers’ business, so Sikka will not agree to this.