Announces Benchmark Results for Vertical DentalLLM, Demonstrates Superior Performance to Popular Vanilla LLMs

Initial results from the DentalLLM display the strength of de-identified dental data, paving the way for other companies building specialized LLMs.

 --, a leader in innovative dental solutions, is excited to introduce DentalLLM, an open, specialized Large Language Model (LLM) created by Across a range of practice-specific and practice-independent benchmarks, the DentalLLM sets a new standard for dental-specialized LLMs. In a benchmarking whitepaper that explains the methodology, the answer accuracy of the DentalLLM exceeds GPT-4, Claude 3 Sonnet and Gemini 1.0. The whitepaper is based on 15+ years of de-identified data and is available upon request.


Table 1 compares the answer accuracy among a list of dental trend knowledge questions. The results indicate that with the practice data on the platform, the DentalLLM surpasses ChatGPT-4, Gemini 1.0, and Claude 3 Sonnet in answering a list of dental trend knowledge questions.

The addition of the DentalLLM extends our third-party app developers' capabilities significantly”
— Founder & CEO, Vijay Sikka

Two key areas increase the DentalLLM’s ability, in comparison to vanilla LLMs, to provide data-driven value to dental professionals.

1. Practice-Specific Insights
Traditional data-comparison approaches depend on manual data entry or static datasets, often making it difficult and inefficient to make well-informed decisions. In contrast, the DentalLLM using consent-based API can access practice-level data, which includes the following:
– Appointment scheduling
– Treatment plans
– Patient demographics
– Billing and insurance details
– Accounts Receivables
– Payments

2. Practice-Independent Insights & Comparisons
With access to 30K+ dental practices across North America, the platform also enables practice-independent rollups and summaries at the industry level with comparisons such as:
– Cost Comparisons: Compare practice fees with regional or national averages
– Competitive Analysis: Gain insights into fee structures of nearby practices
– Revenue Optimization: Identify opportunities to adjust fees based on data-driven insights
– Industry Trends: Spot emerging trends in popular procedures, and patient demands to stay ahead of the curve

– Accounts Receivable Data Insights: Leverage AR data to optimize billing, identify payment pattern insights, and improve revenue cycle management

– Payment Data Insights: Gain insights on different payment type structures and trends such as insurance-to-cash ratio, and credit card payments

These two key areas depend on the large corpus of dental data, encompassing 15+ years of practice-level data, that the API platform can access. This dataset, de-identified to protect patient privacy, encapsulates longitudinal individual records, treatment histories, disease progression, outcomes, diagnostic insights, payments and evolving trends within the dental industry.

This gives the DentalLLM the ability to answer questions about retail dental healthcare practices more precisely, allowing dental professionals to make informed clinical decisions with greater confidence (practice-specific). This key data, absent in vanilla LLMs, also empowers dental professionals to optimize a practice's financial performance and make strategic business optimization decisions (practice-independent).

How does protect the privacy of practice data?
The DentalLLM takes the synthetic de-identified consent-based practice data and generates a query for the user’s questions. This query is executed on the practice’s data inside the firewall in compliance with all privacy laws and regulations.

“ has been a pioneer in the over half-trillion-dollar retail healthcare industry by being the first optimizer and AI API platform. Our AI-API Platform is used by 50 application providers and large enterprises with a billion interactions a day. The addition of the DentalLLM extends our third-party app developers' capabilities significantly beyond the already available AI indicators such as Next Major Procedure, Customer Life Time Value, Production Prediction, Health Risk Score, Economic Well Being Score and more,” says Vijay Sikka, Founder & CEO of

The DentalLLM and 15+ years of synthetic data will be available generally on July 1. Software developers can register to enter the waitlist now. Sikka’s database, also available as a standalone offering, provides a foundation for other AI developers to develop and refine AI-driven solutions that can transform oral healthcare and patient outcomes. Now enterprises, dental app developers, manufacturers, and financial service providers don't have to use vanilla LLMs and can use the DentalLLM instead. Alternatively, they can build their own LLMs using domain-specific 15+ years of de-identified data.

This press release was originally published on May 1, 2024. View the original article here.