Sikka Oral Healthcare Indicators Provide Incremental Protective Value in Life Insurance Underwriting

Dental data is being used in underwriting for the first time on ExamOne’s HealthPiQture Platform

March 13, 2023 --, which provides oral healthcare indicators (OHI) as well as mortality scores to life insurance companies for underwriting, announced that its data is now being used by multiple carriers for life insurance underwriting through its collaboration with ExamOne. has one of the largest databases of dental patient information in the US and Canada, with over 130 million patients on its platform. The OHIs, available with applicant consent and delivered in real time through ExamOne’s HealthPiQture™ platform, include flags for tobacco use, cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease, blood disorders, and marijuana use. These indicators are returned on ExamOne’s HealthPiQture report and identify when any or all of these conditions were disclosed or recorded via clinical notes at the time of a dental exam.

"We’re very excited that our collaboration with ExamOne has enabled us to bring this vast new real-time information source to the life insurance industry. Thanks to years of work, including studies on millions of lives, by our data science and artificial intelligence team partnering with carriers, reinsurers, and data providers, we now have confidence that this is a powerful tool to help underwriters. We are thankful to the vision of ExamOne and carriers who are now in production using OHI on a daily basis,” said Vijay Sikka, Founder and CEO of

The early adopters have seen the immediate benefits of using the real-time OHI for accelerated underwriting, post-issue review, and automated underwriting. For example, using OHI, one carrier found an applicant’s cardiovascular condition which wasn’t apparent from other data sources. The underwriter was able to accurately rate the policy with this cardiovascular condition, improving their decision process. As more carriers leverage OHI, they are finding incremental protective value from dental data, improving risk classification and pricing for their policyholders.

“Our integration with, which launched less than a year ago, is off to a positive terrific
start and providing increased value to our clients. With the encouraging results of OHI being
used by carriers, we expect additional companies to take advantage of this new data type to
improve their mortality risk,” said John Reynolds, SVP, Commercial & Business Development.

You can learn more about’s oral healthcare indicators at an upcoming webinar featuring and ExamOne on March 23 entitled “Life Support: Can AI and New Data Sources help with mortality forecasting to increase life insurance penetration?”. The webinar will delve into how data is revolutionizing life insurance underwriting. Click here to register.

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About is optimizing the business of healthcare, payments, and life insurance. has 10
indicators for accelerated underwriting in addition to the Life Expectancy at Current Age (tm)
and Periodontal Disease to Mortality (tm) scores. is an award-winning single API cloud
platform with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. The company has over 35,000
practice installations in the US and Canada and over 130 million patients on its platform. The
Sikka real time API Platform connects to 90% of the retail healthcare market and all practice
management systems and financial systems practices use. has grown its data driven
Insights business (including Life Insurance) by over 100% in 2022 and is currently in production
with its real time API feed.